Your hoodie doesn’t have to be frumpy or casual. There are quite a few ways you can style a hoodie to make yourself look great and stand out. This staple of your wardrobe can be extremely versatile when you style it correctly!

Wear a Bold Sweatsuit


If you’re not attached to any of your current hoodies, you can still try a new style. Lately, Black pride hoodies have come back in style. You can often find matching hoodie-and-sweatpants sets at most retailers, so you have your pick of patterns and styles. The bolder the better! Wearing both pieces allows you to stay cozy and comfortable while still making a powerful statement. 

Pair the look with your favorite bomber jacket, leather jacket, or Sherpa jacket and some attractive shoes to make all the difference. Remember, accessories are everything! Dress it up with some large sunglasses or hoop earrings if that’s your thing. The sky’s the limit! You can even have a different sweatsuit for each day of the week! 

Layers are Everything

One of the best ways to style your favorite hoodie is to wear it as part of a layered look. This means you can put it under a variety of different jackets and outerwear to create memorable, impressive looks. If you still want to wear your hoodie without being too over-the-top or looking too casual, this is the perfect way to incorporate your hoodie into your wardrobe. 

The best layers to place over your hoodie are leather jackets (a traditional black leather jacket will work well as long as the cut flatters you) and tailored coats (blazers and other business suits look smart over a zip-up hoodie). 

Mix it up and try different combinations for the best looks. You can manage so much with your closet, so make sure to accessorize, coordinate colors, and more!

Athletic Wear Isn’t a Bad Thing!

If all else fails, the just-went-to-the-gym look is a staple. You can pair a neutral hoodie (pull-over or zip-up) with a pair of workout pants, either fitted joggers or a pair of athletic shorts. With the right combination of ingredients, you can create a look that feels effortless and looks great.

Consider dressing it up a bit – incorporate another layer or some stylish sneakers to complete the look. Make sure that you’re using a neutral-colored hoodie rather than a hoodie with logos or designs – unless it’s the design of an athletic company. 

A Shearling Jacket Makes Hoodies Cozy

One of the best ways to layer your favorite hoodie is to place it as a layer under a shearling jacket. Make sure you’re using a light-colored hoodie, and consider using a shearling jacket with denim or leather on the outside. Together, your favorite light-colored hoodie and the jacket create a cozy, warm look and feel. If you live somewhere that gets colder in the winter, this combination can keep you toasty while you’re out.

Pair this look with pants of your choice, as well as a nice pair of shoes (tennis shoes not required). When you pull this look together, it can be a great thing for you! 

 The Type of Hoodie Matters

There are two types of hoodies, generally. To make sure you’re getting the fit that you want, make sure that you’re using the right hoodie. 

A pullover hoodie is generally looser and baggier. It doesn’t fit as well, but oversized hoodies are great as well. If you’re looking for a slim fit, this probably isn’t the place for you. Still, a pullover hoodie can be a great asset and a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. 

A zip-up hoodie is more formfitting and can be worn multiple ways. You can zip it and keep it close to your body or unzip it and show off the layers underneath. It’s up to you! This type of hoodie is best if you’re looking for a slimming touch to your outfits.


There are multiple ways to wear a hoodie, and not all of them are casual. Mix it up with different textures, layers, and more to bring your favorite hoodie back to your wardrobe year-round, no matter where you’re going. You’ll find a ton of new ways to incorporate hoodies into your wardrobe with these simple tips!