While the most recent seasons were strongly influenced by the last two decades of the previous millennium, fashion is now at a point where fall collections are inspired by multiple decades at once. Most fall trends will appeal to a wide range of different tastes, as they can be integrated effortlessly into everyone’s existing closet. Best of all, they’re comfortable, breezy, and super fun to wear.

Neutral looks are still a popular choice, but new patterns and shades put a fresh spin on this trend. The new street style uniform includes white dresses with pointed or ruffled collars, partially covered by long coats. Between the triumphant reappearance of the renovated trench, a plethora of stylish boots, and throwbacks to Victorian-era necklines with ruffles and ribbons, here are some of the most prominent women’s fashion trends for fall 2020. Whatever the look you are going for, Baltini has it for you. 

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Back In The Trenches


While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a basic trench’s timeless staple, the classic coat is getting a mini makeover. There’s caped concepts, off-the-shoulder alternatives, and hints of prints, while some have a subtle tonal shift and even tie-dyes. Some options can be tightened with a ribbon instead of with a belt, and only so many other choices this fall to ensure these enduring trenches will work for you. If you are in doubt, browse the Baltini platform to get inspired for a new trench-trend look. 

My Name Is Prints

There always seems to be a new animal print with each new season for us covet, and this fall, we’ve all got an eye for tiger patterns. Baltini has all the prints for you for a look that makes a bold fashion statement. The fresh and funky combination of warm brown and black tiger prints perfectly matches the fall temperature and are a fantastic way to liven up any monochrome outfit, without going overboard. Don’t be afraid to play around and have fun with this trend. These stylish prints are an easy way to freshen up any look, especially with the right mix of patterned boots or other accessories, by merely adding a pair of blue denim jeans to the look. 

Nothing But Neck

The fashion trend of modest Victorian-era Necklines certainly isn’t puritanical, as there are quite a few revealing and sultry exceptions. Still, it seems like designers this fall want to give us all a little extra coverage. Express yourself this fall with Victorian necklines that grace intricate silhouettes, with a hint of ruffle, high necks, and maybe even a lovely ribbon. Either way, covering up has never been so sexy. 

These Boots are Made for Walking 

After many seasons of sensible lace-ups and ankle boots with stacked-heels, this fall is packed with leather or suede knee-high style boots. Whether you’re chasing a kinky or quirky look with skin-tight patent leather, or after something with a little more of an equestrian vibe, there’s a boot for every style. While boots are always a perfect way to add some winter to any summer dress, you can also tuck some loose trousers or tight blue jeans into a cute pair of riding boots. From elegant to classy, to glamorous and comfy, Baltini has all the boots you need this fall. 

But, what about fall fashion for men?

Pins & Stripes

In a welcome return for one of the freshest patterns ever invented for men’s tailoring, pinstripes will be everywhere this fall, whether in wide-leg or oversized suits. For those men who feel that the business casual look is too informal, Baltini offers the ideal combination of classic-casual-chic. Opt for the classic option of the finest quality single-breasted pinstriped suit instead. Tailoring has come full circle, so if you’re chasing the entire pinstriped look, get yourself into a double-breasted pinstripe jacket with peak lapels for the ultimate in style and class. 

Onions Have Layers

What’s not to love about layering in autumn? The cooler fall temperatures allow more layering that steps up our style game without sweating right through. From pants and jackets to tailgates and long sleeves, tailor your look with layers for a more personal touch. Silhouettes play a more critical role with character, and thicker textures add some additional complexity to otherwise flat fashions. At the same time, chunky sneaks take center stage as our arsenal of summer kicks take a well-earned break. Put merely, Baltini’s fall fashion for men absolutely rocks. 

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