Enhancing beauty with make-up and hairstyles has been around for centuries. However, working as a make-up artist or MUArequires much more than creative passion, especially if one aspires to doll-up celebrities and brides. A celebrity and bridal hair and make-up course from a top institute may give one a sure ticket to the most lucrative clients in the industry. However, if you’re finding it challenging to navigate the waters, keep reading. 

Need for formal training


The notion that artistic fields require passion, not education, is an ill-fitted one. A make-up course does not stifle one’s creativity. It nurtures inner creativity in a manner that gives it proper direction and shape. Learn professional make-up artist course and develop the nuances of make-up and beauty.Many educational institutes, such as Pearl Academy, provide a comprehensive, well-rounded curriculumneeded to develop into successful make-up artists.A professional course will provide all the career ammunition one needs, from the right social network to technical expertise and various other transferable skills.

Qualities and skills 

Being a make-up artist is far away from the typical nine-to-five job. No two projects would be the same; no two clients will be the same. You need to have the patience and stamina to be able to work in unusual situations and at odd hours. 

The make-up industry is as gruelling as it is rewarding. To become a skilled make-up artist, you must be flexible, work well under pressure, and be accustomed to making decisions on your feet. In addition to that, hygiene and a good personality are paramount to becoming a successful make-up artist. 

Make-up artists also need to have a good sense of colour mixing. They should know about skincare and allergies. They should have thorough knowledge about the different chemicals in their products and how they could potentially react with varying types of skin. 

Career options open after pursuing a celebrity and bridal make-up course 

A celebrity and bridal hair make up artist might sound like a specialised area in the beauty industry, but there are loads of career options available even under something so niche, as listed below.

Special effects make-up artists: Celebrities are usually found on shooting sets, working for a movie or a series. Game of Thrones or The Marvel franchise would not be able to flourish without the right make-up and prosthetics. Halloween looks can also be an occasional fun way to work your art as an MUA.

Celebrity shoots: Many celebrities prefer to tie up with a single make-up artist, rather than work with a new person every time. For working with a celebrity, it is important to have a great rapport with the client and be able to work for long hours. However, it may also involve a lot of travel and visit to exotic places, especially if you are working with models. 

Bridal shoots: While bridal make-up will provide a lot of clients, working with celebrities who exclusively work for bridal brands such as a jewellery brand or a bridal couture company provides make-up artists with the best of both worlds. 

Opening a school: Experienced make-up artists often open their own schools to train young and budding aspirants. This can be an excellent career for a veteran MUA who has worked for years in the limelight and wants a more peaceful vocation. 


A certified make-up artist makes about Rs. 25,000a month at the beginning of their careers. With an experience of one to two years, they can easily earn about Rs. 45,000a month. As the skill-set and experience increase, professional make-up artists can even earn around Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 3 lakhs per month!

Becoming a celebrity or bridal hair and make-up artist is as exciting as it gets. Careers in the field are plentiful, lucrative, and offers plenty of room for creativity to thrive.