This millennial generation is gradually adopting communication via various devices. The thriving technologies market has made it possible for many services, which were permanently face- to –face to take place without the parties necessarily meeting. A new and upcoming trend is people adopting home workouts. These workouts require a virtual instructor who will guide you through a rigorous physical warm down that is dedicated to ensuring that you work on whatever is best for you.

At Glo, our team of expert instructors guarantees you the best workout that would make you feel better in body and mind. We offer you unlimited access to our unique archive of instructions for online yoga, meditation, and other workout classes. At Glo, we offer over 4000 courses that are custom designed to fit any work out regiment. These classes are offered in a way that you can experience on the go with any device.

Practice wherever and whenever


The 4000 unique classes are made available in such a way that you can download your favorite classes and use them when you need them. Our instructors have various videos that show which positions, how many reps, or which stretches one can do. These intricate videos are posted online so that you can easily access them whenever you need them or wherever you are.

Connect with the Intimate Glo Community

The tight-knit Glo community offers every member a chance to thrive and have fun while doing it. Our classes, both online and personal, offer everybody a sense of belonging and involvement. Everyone has a particular aim of taking up online yoga and meditation. With us, you will discover a world of individuals with the same unique struggle you have. You will find an intimate, non-judgemental platform connecting real people with individual efforts. On our platform, you will be able to have real conversations about healthy living and wellbeing. Our communities share wellness tips between classes. We also make teacher Q&A available.

Get excellent training from our world-class instructors

At Glo, our world-class teachers provide you with a perfect blend of instructions that help you progress in body and mind. Or an ideal mix of knowledge ensures that you chare impacted both physically and mentally. We offer a variety of online classes, from core strengthening to inversions, ensures yogis of all levels can refine and develop their practice.

Our workouts are guaranteed to improve your flexibility and increase core strength, which reduces stress levels in the body. Our workouts offer the best blend of online yoga, pilates, and tai chi movements that will have every muscle in the body stretched out and relaxed. Our service providers commit to ensuring that you focus both mind and soul into achieving a lasting sense of well being and serenity.

Due to the coronavirus coming to yoga, dens are not advisable. Hence the need for an advanced workout regiment. All our workouts are scientifically designed and tested to get significant results. No equipment is needed to start a workout regiment. Join a global online yoga community that is safe and will motivate you to do your best.