if we go into its depths, the sea continues to surprise us by becoming an inexhaustible source of regenerative and anti-aging principles.

This is the case of the thermophilus, a microorganism that grows in extreme conditions and, therefore, has the intelligent ability to protect cells. It lives in the depths of the South Pole Sea, a volcanic region where the water temperature is never constant. This microorganism can continuously adjust its DNA, and its benefits are immediately noticeable on our skin.

Apart from the effect of relaxation and well-being that the sea provides us, there are infinite active principles that we find in its depths


Also combined with caviar green algae extract, it has a magical effect, optimizing dermatological functions, effectively protecting the skin and reducing the signs of aging.

This marine cocktail under the suggestive name of Sea Creation takes us in the cabin to maximum relaxation, moving directly to the seashore. It is  a treatment that discharges energy into the skin in order to stimulate the birth of new cells, the keratinocytes. It not only increases their number and rejuvenates their physiological characteristics, but also accelerates their ascent to the most superficial layers of the skin.

Thus, in addition to renewing and regenerating the skin, it increases its barrier function. It achieves this thanks to the active principles of thermophilus, an algae that grows in extreme conditions and therefore has the intelligent ability to protect cells (antioxidant, thermoactive and energetic). In parallel, a massage is performed with tiger shells and pilgrim shells that lead to maximum relaxation.

Sea Creation is a treatment that discharges energy into the skin in order to stimulate the birth of new cells, keratinocytes

Likewise, another marine experience with great benefits for our body is the Kelp seaweed wrap. They grow at temperatures below 20ºC, in nutrient-rich waters in the polar circles, the most biologically productive marine habitats in the world. Applied on cellulite or fatty deposits, they favor the mobilization of mineral salts and trace elements, stimulating metabolism and favoring the elimination of liquids and toxins.

Carmen Navarro has a wrap treatment with Kelp seaweed, reconstituted with a gel based on 31 plants that cause 7 remodeling actions in the body. They are applied on fatty deposits, favoring the mobilization of mineral salts and trace elements, capable of stimulating basal metabolism and increasing drainage, stimulating the immune system with antibacterial activity. Before wrapping, a wasabi and ginger paté is applied to activate microcirculation. We manage to mobilize fat, stimulate cell metabolism, eliminate toxins and mineralization of the skin.


Its high mineral content not only helps us eliminate dead cells, it also absorbs toxins and impurities. And it softens, giving it an immediate vital appearance. Containing calcium, it cleanses clogged pores and in case of acne, reduces possible infections.

At the body level, a bath with sea salt relieves swollen legs, the feeling of fatigue and improves blood circulation. The magnesium it contains also prevents fluid retention. Its vitamins and minerals feed the skin cells so that they work better, achieving a smoother skin.

Preparing it at home is very simple, you just have to add a handful of sea salt and a few drops of essential oil to your bath water that will increase the feeling of well-being. Lavender is perfect, for its benefits known since ancient times by providing hydration and nutrients, toning, stimulating and, in general, improving the appearance of our skin.