Ever since the first lockdown back in 2020, working from home has become much more common after many businesses were forced to leave the office and get employees to work from home. Since then, we’ve learned a lot, including the fact that working from home is proven to be equally, if not more effective than working in the office. This is said to be due to the fact that people are more productive at home due to them being in a more comfortable environment, away from the stresses of office drama and a better work life balance. However, with many people working from home, not everyone has adjusted as well as others. 

Working from home may sound like a dream, for some the appeal of being able to stay in PJs all day makes it all the more desirable. This has us wondering, what is the best approach to productively working from home, and does wearing pyjamas have an effect on this?

Getting dressed is more important than you might think


Research suggests that a key element of ensuring a good level of productivity is to establish a well structured routine. Getting dressed is a key element of this routine because it tells your sub-conscience that you are no longer in ‘sleep-mode’ which will help prepare you for the day ahead. It is also a great way to condition yourself that although you are at home, by wearing these particular clothes you are now working and not relaxing so to speak. 

Furthermore, the link between getting dressed and mental health has been researched and results show that there is a relationship between the two. It is all well and good putting your legs up, getting comfortable and lounging around in your comfy pjs, but ultimately, the lack of movement combined with isolation is not at all good for our mental health. If you stay in your PJs all day, you’re less likely to pop outside for fresh air and a walk, meaning you’re more likely to become lazy and isolated from others. Furthermore, staying in pyjamas all day can make you feel lazy and unmotivated leading to a decrease in productivity which can cause a vicious cycle. 

Is dressing in comfier clothes okay?

I think we can all agree that jeans are the epitome of discomfort. The scratchy denim material that gives little to no stretch makes wearing PJs all the more appealing. We recommend going for a middle ground between the two. This means getting changed from your sleepwear into day clothes all whilst remaining comfortable. Some examples of suitable comfy clothes to wear when working from home include leggings, tracksuit bottoms and shorts.

Is it ever okay to wear PJs when working from home?

If you wear PJs on the odd occasion because for whatever reason you don’t feel like getting dresses, or alternatively you wear pyjamas every day it can be okay. Just to avoid confusion, although we may sound like we’re contradicting ourselves, yes, sometimes it is okay to wear PJs when working from home. However, it is only acceptable if you know that it will not have a negative impact on your productivity levels. Sometimes, it may be beneficial to stay in your PJs because you can worry about working rather than what you’re wearing. 

All we will say is that if you are choosing to stick to pyjamas when working, be sure to opt for an appropriate pair. An example of pyjamas that we love is by the brand Bras and Honey who provide their own range of comfortable, work appropriate loungewear and PJs. 

Tips for working from home productively

  • Set and stick to a routine
  • Create a dedicated work space
  • Give yourself breaks
  • Move around and get fresh air
  • Limit distractions

Overview of working from home in PJs

So there you have it, our thoughts on wearing pyjamas when working from home. It’s difficult to set one explicit rule when it comes to wearing PJs when working from home. Everyone is different and from time to time it won’t hurt anyone. If you can remain just as productive in pjs then go for it, but if you know it will cause you to slack, we recommend getting changed into more appropriate clothing to get you ready for the day.