Even if you wear the most beautiful prom dresses in the world, you won’t be able to look your best if you don’t take time to accessorize. Accessories are the finishing touches to any look, and they’re especially important when you’re wearing formal wear. If you’re planning for prom, these are a few accessories that will make you sparkle. 

Sparkling Necklaces 


A necklace is one of the most important pieces to consider when you’re choosing accessories for your prom dress, particularly if you’re wearing a gown that has a lower neckline. While you can opt for something simple, like a gold or silver chain, a sparkling necklace can really make prom feel like a special occasion

You may not be able to afford a diamond necklace, but you can find all kinds of options for costume jewelry that will give you the look that you want. There are plenty of prom necklaces that are designed to mimic the look of necklaces that cost thousands or more. 

Dazzling Earrings 

Earrings can also be a fantastic accessory, especially if you’re wearing your hair up. What’s great about earrings is the range of options you have. You can stick with simple studs, choose long, dangling statement earrings, or opt for something in between.

Don’t have pierced ears? That doesn’t mean that you have to rule out earrings when you’re accessorizing your look. There are all kinds of wearings that can be worn by anyone, including clip-on styles and magnetic earrings.

Fancy Hair Clips

If you love wearing hair clips with your everyday clothing, why not think about wearing hair clips to prom? Of course, you don’t have to snap in your usual barrettes on a night like this. Instead, you can find hair clips that look like they were made to be worn with formal wear.

What’s particularly nice about hair clips is that they pair nicely with all kinds of different hairstyles. Whether you decide to wear your hair up, down, or opt for a style that falls somewhere in between, you’ll be able to use clips to make your look feel a little more special.

A Princess Tiara

If you’re wearing a princess dress to prom, why not go the extra mile? You can top things off with a tiara and feel like royalty all night long. You won’t have many opportunities in life to put on a tiara, so why not wear one to prom?

Tiaras don’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are plenty of inexpensive tiaras out there that are just right for prom. If a full tiara feels like too much, you could also try wearing a tiara headband with your gown.

The Perfect Clutch

Your prom dress probably won’t have pockets, but you can still make sure you have a way to carry essential items like a phone and some lipstick. A clutch will store the items you want to keep close, but it can also be a very stylish accessory.

You can find clutches in all kinds of styles, ranging from sleek clutches that can be worn with almost any dress to sparkling, colorful clutches that are designed to be a statement piece. Make sure you find the right clutch to wear with your dress.

The Right Pair of Shoes

One of the most practical accessories you’ll need to think about on prom night are the shoes that you’re going to wear. While you may opt to kick off your shoes when it’s time to hit the dance floor, you’ll still want to find a pair of dress shoes that works with your gowns.

If you want to add a bit of height, you can wear high heels with your dress. Just be aware that the wrong shoes could wind up giving you some foot pain. Flats are a practical option, and you can also try short block heels if you’re looking for a comfortable compromise.

Elegant Gloves

These days, people usually only wear gloves when they’re gardening or when they want to keep their hands warm in the winter. If you don’t mind being a little extra at prom, however, you could try wearing a pair of long, formal gloves with your dress.

When you look back at old Hollywood red carpets, you’ll see plenty of women wearing gloves with their dresses. If you want to bring some of that glamour to your prom look, you should try on a pair of gloves with your dress and see what you think.

Fancy Rings

If you can’t see yourself wearing gloves at prom, but you still feel like your hands look a little bare, another option is to try rings. You can wear one ring that has plenty of sparkle, or you can try wearing a few rings on each hand for a more intricate look.

There are all kinds of costume jewelry rings that can look great with a prom dress. You can even experiment with different combinations of rings until you figure out what you want to wear. Rings can also be a fantastic way to show off a new manicure.

Don’t forget about accessories when you’re preparing for prom! If you take the time to find a few more pieces to wear with your gown, you’ll be able to sparkle on prom night. On a night like this, there’s no need to keep it simple. Pile on the accessories and have fun rocking your favorite formalwear!

Wraps and Shawls

Wraps and shawls may not add a lot of sparkle to your look, but they’re an accessory that’s worth considering, especially if you get cold in air conditioning. Not only can these pieces make you look more sophisticated, but they can help to keep you warm in chilly environments.

Some dresses come with matching wraps that coordinate with the rest of the gown perfectly. You could also choose a shawl in a neutral shade. If the dress you’re wearing is fairly simple, you may find that a sequined shawl can give the rest of your look the boost that it needs.