Jeans just don’t look right without a nice cuff. Cuffs are the rolled-up pieces of fabric at the end of the legs of the jeans. Cuffing your jeans not only makes them shorter without having to hem them, but it can also elevate your look. Choosing the right style of cuff lets you express your personality, making your otherwise ordinary jeans unique. The number of ways you can cuff your jeans might surprise you. Here are eight creative ways you can cuff your jeans.

Style #1: The Single Cuff


The single cuff is the original cuff for men’s jeans. It has an elegant, clean look and is very easy to do. To achieve this look, fold the pant leg up one time at around 2 inches above the hem.

This is an excellent option if your jeans are almost the right length but you don’t want to go through the hassle of hemming. While this single cuff is not designed for a boot cut or flared jeans, it looks good on just about every other type of jeans.

If you want a classy look, make the cuff an even size around the pant leg. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more casual look, you can purposely leave the cuff a little undone.

Style #2: The Double Cuff

For the double cuff, follow the directions of the single cuff above, and then repeat it once more. By folding up your jeans twice, you create a tighter cuff. This style works great if you’re wearing straight-cut or tapered-style jeans.

Keep in mind the unsaid rules of cuffing your jeans. First, the cuff should not be higher than the top of your shoes unless you wear a summer cuff or a bicycle cuff (more on that below.) Second, the cuff should match the style of jeans you are using. Therefore, a bigger single cuff is nice with looser jeans. A tighter double cuff looks suitable with slim or skinny jeans, especially if you pair it with some nice dress boots for men.

Style #3: The Double Cuff Skinny Variation

Your jeans need to be longer for a double cuff. Nevertheless, you can achieve a similar look without breaking the rules above.

First, fold a single cuff. Then, fold down the hem of your jeans behind the cuff to hide it. You’ll get that nice tight cuff and clean look associated with the double cuff, only using less fabric.

Style #4: The Pinroll Cuff

Also known as French rolling, pinroll cuffs are the perfect everyday solution you can use with various loose-fitting jeans.

In order to properly cuff, find a pair of pants that have a loose end. This style will not work with skinny jeans because they don’t have enough fabric for you to cuff.

Grab the seam of your pants by the ankles, pull it to the side, and then backward. You want the end of your pants to be tight around your ankle.

Next, grab the inner seam and the part of the fabric that it overlaps. Twist or pull them upwards two or three times until they feel tight around your ankle.

The Pinroll Cuff

Make sure that you are wearing your nicest pair of men’s dress sneakers because this style of cuff will highlight your shoes. You will look best if a little of your ankle is showing.

Style #5: The Mega Cuff

As the name implies, the mega cuff is enormous and demands to be noticed. The mega cuff is the larger variation of the single cuff that takes up around 4 inches at the bottom of your pant leg.

There are a few caveats to making this style look good. First, your jeans should have a looser fit and be made from heavy denim, so the cuff stays up. Anyone can wear this style. However, on some shorter people, it can make their legs look somewhat stocky. You will often see the mega cuff worn by women wearing boyfriend-fit jeans.

Style #6: Bicycle Cuff

The bicycle cuff is perfect for outdoor activities. 

Start by making the double cuff. Then, grab the cuff and pull it up towards your knee. This cuff will expose more of your calf. As the name implies, people who ride their bikes for transportation but do not want to get grease from their bike chains on their pants use this cuff style.

Style #7: The Summer Cuff

The summer cuff style is an excellent look that allows you to highlight your calves and ankles. Roll up your jeans between two and four times in an uneven way. The cuff is designed to look a tad messy. You want looser-fitting jeans with lighter-weight denim to pull this look off.

This cuff lets you break free from the two rules mentioned earlier. You want the cuff to be higher than your shoes so that your ankles are seen.

Style #8: The Inside-out Cuff

It’s not common for people to cuff their pants using this style, so if you pull it off, you will be quite the trendsetter. Start by doing a mega cuff, but instead of folding your pants outwards, fold them inwards. Then, do a single outward cuff on top of it.

When you’re finished, you should not see the inside of the denim; instead, you’ll see the outside of your pants folded upwards. This creates a clean, neat, tailored look. It can make slim, fit and dark jeans stand out.

The Inside-out Cuff


Mix and Match Your Cuffs for a Unique Look

Denim jeans can be worn for multiple occasions. An easy way to wear your favorite jeans but switch it up is to wear different cuffs occasionally.

Jeans are some of the most versatile garments people own and wear. Whether spending the day at the beach, a casual day at work or enjoying outdoor time with friends and family, you can count on the eight cuff styles mentioned above to keep you and your jeans looking great.

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