Winter and the holidays are times when many homeowners want to give their decor a winter refresh. However adding strings of lights can make energy bills skyrocket and bringing in a haul of new home decor can add up. There are smarter ways to decorate for the holidays that can save you money and make it easier to use the decorations again the following year. Some of these tips can also apply if you are preparing to sell your home in 2023

Go Green


Perhaps one of the easiest budget hacks for holiday decorations is to get outside or go to your nearest grocery store. Cut greenery for a garland, or a bowl of oranges, apples, or cranberries can make for an easy decor addition. Other ideal holiday decorations are pinecones and pressed leaves. When you go green you are not only saving money, but at the end of the season you can put the items in the compost pile instead of a landfill. 

Follow a DIY approach

When you go DIY, you will always save money, no matter what the project is. You don’t need to be Martha Stewart to make holiday decorations. Buying fabric or ribbons and using them to drape a coffee table or make a runner for your dining table can help you save and design decor the way you like it. A glass jar can become a votive candle holder and when wrapped with a ribbon, it becomes even more festive. Seashells and rocks can also be used as a centerpiece by adding a metallic ribbon or garland.

Be festive but neutral

A gold or silver table runner can work for multiple occasions, a Santa or sleigh print can’t. When you are buying, instead of making decor yourself, go with neutral tones, rather than holiday prints — to be sure you can use the item more than once. Black and white check can be another option for pillows with a festive gold ribbon added. When you are in the store consider how the decor will fit in your home all year, instead of just during the holidays. Neutral decor is also one of the top tips from real estate agents when selling a home to appeal to the widest range of buyers.

Maximize lighting 

During the holidays a warm glow can be cozy for you and your guests. However, twinkle lights aren’t the only way to create festive energy in your home. Candles, and even swapping out bulbs in your lamps, perhaps with a color changing light can modify the mood in your house. For the outdoors, instead of adding string lights, solar lights can help you save money on your energy bill, as can going for smaller battery-operated models. 

Recycle and reuse 

If you do want to buy holiday decor, consider visiting a second-hand store before buying new. You may be surprised at the treasures that you may find for table centerpieces, candle holders, and linens. 

You can decorate a home on any budget by following a few tips to not only save money but to create less waste. As with any home purchase, think about whether or not you’ll use it beyond the holidays.