Summer is the perfect season to have a wedding. It is a prime time to enjoy the outdoors and have access to lots of natural and seasonal flowers and plants. Now more than ever, barns and outdoor venues are incredibly popular.

If you have been invited to one of these summer soirees, you may be wondering what to wear. After all, you don’t want to outshine the bride, but you do want to look and feel great at the event.

But before we can get started talking about what to wear, we have to give you some insight on the etiquette and factors that make a difference.

Tips and Etiquette for Summer Weddings


Etiquette is important for weddings. You don’t want to make a scene or stick out in the crowd. Here are some general etiquette tips you should remember:

  • You don’t want to be overdressed or underdressed, so be aware of the dress code.
  • You should dress appropriately for the location. If the wedding is outdoors, stilettos may not be appropriate.
  • You should make sure you know exactly where to go, where to park, and when you should arrive.
  • Remember to look ahead at the weather before the event, and dress appropriately.

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Once you know the details about the dress code and event location, you can start to plan what you want to wear. Your outfit will likely depend on those factors, and we’re here to help. Take a look at some recommendations for what to wear based on the style of the event.

Formal/Black Tie

If the wedding is a black tie event, then be prepared to dress up. We recommend long, shimmery fabrics that have movement and breathability. Silk is also a good choice for comfort. You can also wear a dark blue or black wide-leg pant with some heels and a shimmery top for a more masculine effect.


Semi-formal means dressy, but not quite black tie. Think of your “Sunday best”. At a semi-formal event, you can get away with more patterns and flowy styles. Semi-formal events are a great place to bring out your favorite maxi dress and espadrilles. A one-shoulder neckline or high-low hemline can add some drama without the need for a full-length gown.


When it comes to weddings, casual doesn’t mean your best blue jeans. Unless that’s what everyone expects to wear, in which case, rock those jeans! Generally speaking, casual for a wedding means summer dresses. Strapless or halter top dresses may be appropriate, as are more casual fabrics and styles. Casual maxi dresses are popular at outdoor weddings. A long skirt and top may be suitable, or a casual linen pantsuit. With casual styles, go for wedges or sandals, and remember that flats are okay!

Stick to the Style of the Event

No matter what your personal style is, you will rock your appearance at any summer wedding by remembering to stick to the style of the event. Our tips above are general tips based on etiquette. That is not to say that they are appropriate for every event. After all, themed weddings would certainly make any of these tips a bit less important.