Whether it is moving season, spring cleaning season, or you just want to try your hand at a minimalist life, your easiest bet is to opt for a public storage unit in a reliable, well-reputed storage company.

Packing is usually no one’s idea of a fun time, but packing clothes to move into public storage is a hassle that everyone thinks twice about. Many of us tend to hold on to clothes that are either too big or too small, clothes we’ve grown out of or worn out completely, but just can’t seem to get rid of. There’s always a mountain to get through when you first begin packing, which can seem overwhelming.

But don’t worry! We’ve got you completely covered with our simple, easy-to-do, DIY tips, tricks, and hacks. Now you can rest easy knowing that your packed clothes will be safe with your storage company for however long you keep them there.

 Create an Inventory


This sounds pretty simple, right? But it’s often the most missed-out step when it comes to packing for storage.

The best way to pack your storage unit in an efficient and fast manner is to take steps to make it easier on your future self. Make a thorough, detailed list of everything you’re packing. When it comes to packing clothes, note down every type of item that you’re packing in a box or a bag.

For example, if you’re keeping all the sentimental clothing from your kids’ childhood in one bag, make sure to label it as such! And to make it even easier, note down any simple details that can help you find what you’re looking for quickly.

If you’re hoping to keep things in pristine condition for insurance purposes, then take pictures and make a detailed list of them and their value.

Another fun way of keeping things organized is color-coding. Whether you’re packing things according to family members, season, or the type of item, color-coordinating them is an excellent way to keep track of what’s where.

 Wash Everything Before Packing

I know, I know, this one is a boring chore, but just imagine how much you’ll love coming back to your storage company, opening your storage unit to pick out a dress or a favorite old scarf, only to be met by the warm, comforting smell of washed clothes.

Washing all your clothes before you pack them away is a good idea from many different perspectives. It keeps everything clean, sure, but it also helps to maintain the longevity of your clothing.

If you pack clothes that are unwashed, you’re just welcoming all sorts of destruction like mold and mildew, rotten smells, and chemical reactions that can lead to clothes becoming worn well before their time.

You also get rid of any residual things like perfumes or lotions, oils, or even sweat, that might develop and leave stains later on.

Pack It In Its Storage

Okay, this is a trick that’s going to make you wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself.

Pack your clothes where you’re planning to keep them. For example, if you’re about to pack clothing that’s in drawers, then just wrap the drawer itself in cling film or plastic coating of any kind that will come off easily.

Isn’t that genius?

This way, you’re packing your clothing for your storage unit, and packing your drawers for your storage unit at the same time! Your storage company will love you, and the space inside your unit will be much more than you realized!

Hang Garbage Bags over Hangers

This one is pretty simple, but again, when you’re in the middle of packing, this seemingly obvious trick seems to slip everyone’s mind.

Whenever you’re packing clothing for public storage that you know needs to hang, just put a plastic garbage bag over it. Cut a hole in the top, and place it over the hangers.

Not only does it travel much more easily, but you’re also going to thank yourself in the future when all you have to do is place the hangers over a rack and call it a job well done.

Having a donation pile is pretty much a standard practice whenever packing clothing, whether it’s for a move or for storage.

When you’ve got the chance to go through all your clothing, why not take a moment to ensure that everything you’re keeping is everything you’re going to actually wear?

Take a leaf out of Marie Kondo’s book, and see what sparks joy. If you’re keeping clothing in storage that you’ve owned for years and years but haven’t worn, especially if it’s clothing that you’ve grown out of, then consider donating it to someone who will actually get use out of it.