Dining rooms and kitchen tables are high-traffic zones in any household. That’s why the dining set you purchase needs to be durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear. That is especially true for your chairs as they are constantly being pulled, pushed, dragged, and lifted around the home. But durability isn’t the only concern when purchasing a dining table and chairs. You also want the set to be visually appealing. 

The easiest way to accomplish that goal is by choosing unique designs for the dining chairs. The table is the focal point, but the first thing guests will notice is the chairs. Use the table’s color, style, and shape as a guide to selecting the right chairs. But, don’t be afraid to get creative and go the eclectic route by mixing and matching seating.

No matter if you choose to play it safe or get a little crazy, you will find a set of chairs to match your tastes. But before you start browsing online, take the dining area’s measurements. You’ll also want to decide early on how many chairs you need. Of course, there should be one for each member of the household, but don’t forget about guests. If you don’t entertain often, this won’t be a concern. But if you have people over regularly, ask yourself how many are typically invited. 

Another determinant for the number of chairs is the size of the table. Each table setting should be placed about two feet apart. That will ensure diners have enough elbow room to enjoy their meal without feeling cramped. 

The fun part begins once you know how many chairs you’ll need. Now you get to choose a color, style, and material for your new seating. With dining chairs, the shape and color will immediately draw attention. 

Armchairs have a classic design and are larger than side chairs, so remember that when it comes to the number of chairs you need. You won’t be able to fit as many of them at the table if your home is the go-to for game night. If you’re looking for https://www.1stopbedrooms.com/dining/chairs unique dining chairs, visit our online store.

The elegance of a wingback chair and its distinct silhouette may be just what you need. They look wonderful at the heads of a rectangular table. Accents like nailheads or quality stitching really separate this chair style from others. Sloping dining chairs add a sleek silhouette to the space and work well in industrial designs. 

Barrel back chairs allow you to sink into the seat for a comfortable experience. Many of them swivel to make getting in and out a breeze. Wishbone chairs have a minimalist but curvy design. 

Benches are one of the trendier options you can choose. If you’re looking for a way to easily seat two to three people and save space, a bench is the answer. It can be placed flush against the wall and tucked underneath the table when it’s not being used. It’s also a great choice for households with small children. Because of their small stature, you can usually fit more than three on the bench comfortably.

Mix and match different styles for a more eclectic dining experience. It makes shopping for chairs much more convenient if you can’t make up your mind. Barrel side chairs with wingback chairs on each end make quite a statement. Find styles that work for you, and then find ways to make them work together. 

You can grab everyone’s attention with eye-popping electric blue, orange, or red chairs. But, if you can’t choose just one, use them all. It will make a fun conversation when guests are over, and you watch them gravitate to their favorite color. 

Upholstery is another way to express your creative styling efforts. Since upholstered seating is usually padded, these chairs tend to be much more comfortable for lengthy sitting. You can find rare prints or patterns to add depth to the space. 

The material is also important to the look and feel you want to create. Classic leather upholstery is very upscale and sleek. Microfibers also don’t require much maintenance, but you should choose what’s best for your household’s daily activities.