Growing up I had really nice teeth, except for one problem, one of my canine teeth was in front of my other teeth partially covering the incisor next to it. This wasn’t medically problematic for me but in photographs I always looked like I was missing a tooth. All my loved ones always told me it suits my personality or gives me one, but I was always insecure about it. Since braces cost a lot, my parents thinking I look ‘cute’ and this arrangement of my teeth not really causing any medical hindrance, I didn’t get this corrected at the time. Cut to, I am 30 years old, selfies are still trending and I hate how I look every time I smile.

Now I can’t really do anything about it because I don’t want braces. They would be such a hindrance in my daily life – they look hideous, so I would look worse for the time I need to wear them, I would have a ton of food restrictions, they are difficult to maintain, I would need to make monthly visits to the orthodontist (who has the time?) and I have heard they are painful even. So when my friend told me about makeO toothsi clear aligners, I thought it was too good to be true. She told me that makeO toothsi aligners are so easy to use and they really work. I was nonplussed at how far technology had come and kind of grateful to have waited this long to correct my teeth and not have to experience braces once I found out more about it.

So, what are makeO toothsi clear aligners and how do they work? They are as their name suggests, completely clear high-quality BPA free and allergen-free plastic trays that fit on top of your teeth. They are so transparent that no one within a two feet distance can know you even have them on. They are 3D printed to fit your teeth perfectly with the help of a digital scanner that takes your mouth, jaw and teeth measurements. This scan can be booked through the makeO toothsi website and is done by coming home! They also offer at-home teeth impression services or a scan in their ‘experience centers’, which are available in most metro cities across India. Once the scan is done, orthodontists and dentists together work to create a ‘smile makeover plan’. This plan is drawn up to determine duration, cost and end result of teeth alignment, which depends on how much correcting is needed for your teeth and eventually approved by you.

Now you’re thinking this sure sounds great but how to change the placement of teeth then. makeO toothsi clear aligners work by applying gentle pressure to your teeth to move them into the correct position to give you your desired smile. This is done completely under the supervision of the orthodontist with your approved smile makeover plan. When your aligners are ready, you can choose to have them delivered to you or go to your partner clinic and all your questions about how to wear them and take care of them will be answered. The aligners need to be worn for at least 22 hours of the day, which means you only remove them when you eat. Everytime you need to remove them, you can place them hygienically in a small box which is also provided to you in the package makeO toothsi aligners come in. They are easy to wear and remove so you can go on with your life without any food restrictions and maintain oral hygiene. Your progress will be periodically tracked virtually and supervised by the orthodontist.

The clear aligners really worked wonders for my confidence and I can smile without any feeling of insecurity today. makeO toothsi was so prompt in helping me out with any queries I had during the process making it a smooth and fairly easy process. The process was also so comfortable and convenient as almost everything was done in the comfort of my home. So, not only did I use the clear aligners to get the smile I wanted, but also the makeO toothsi spark, their teeth whitening kit and makeO toothsi electro toothbrush, which further enhanced my smile even more. If you can relate to this and want to aesthetically enhance your smile or medically align your teeth, I really think there is no better, more convenient way than makeO toothsi clear aligners.